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Bandhu Kallyan Foundatio

We ensure Development for all               

Shrink Name: BKF


Thirteen [13] passionate and robust optimist friends were playing and at the time of playing a question peeps into the mind that we have some duties and responsibilities for our society. At once we called on a meeting and we then discussed with each other about the peeping question. Every friend agreed and spontaneously rose up their hands. This is the first action of BKF. Still then BKF is in the womb of mother. After some days conceived BKF came into the enlightened world. The first decision was that would be about the society. Then it turned into about social welfare. When it is spread at that time many people mocked us. That the boys gone mad, teasing as disturbed mentality. But nothing could damage our passion, with god speed came forward.

Still we were creeping like a snail, cultivating the land by maintaining all kinds’ foes and problems. With the passing of time we made a small hut selecting a piece land and made an ornamental building, for the holy want and through the right exercise. Now own land, and own building in Khalishpur (Khulna) and in Rajghat (Jessore). It is also happy news for us that total friends are working for the foundation temperamentally. Since some friends established it, so the name of it’s after the name of the friends. But it is not for the friends, all are equal in the lap of BKF. The dream turned into true. The circle is proud of it. That the young friend’s young decision did not go in vain. Here we are lucky and successful about the committed minded friend’s true wishes and pray to almighty show us the straight way to lead the BKF prosperously.

Organizational Motto: We ensure development for all.

Establishment year of the Foundation: 22 May 1992


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Md. Golam Ahia

Executive Director

Bandhu Kallyan Foundation

Rajghat, Noapara Municipal Area

Abhaynagar, Jessore.

Phone : 02477770071, Mob:01711-838071

E-mail:; web: