Message from The ED



Bandhu Kallyan Foundation

Rajghat, Abhaynagar, Jessore

On a broad base canvas B. K. F’s attempt is to awake form the sleeping mood of the people of Bangladesh providing all sorts of possible steps. Everything has its own destination, we have too. If explain the very past, then its starting was with little one branch. And now with holy wants it is increasing more and more. I have been cherishing a dream that before the embracing of ever death, I like to see a happy period of poor and destitute people with the attempts of various steps and by the mainstreaming development. We are reaching some of the poorest in our society. The hand to mouth woman who are qualify for food suppurations. Who have primarily been going out of different developments programs? Since the 13 boyhood friends promise were to do something for the poor destitute people and social welfare. We are trying to make poor people self-managed and reliable to their family. We are searching to find out the root solutions to range of difficulties experienced by various groups of people who face discrimina­tion. We are supporting those disabilities through the disabled rehabilitation program. Our most programs are related to help of poor people to raise themselves as a strong earner by mainstreaming and to lead a healthy self-reli­ant life. We like to make us more attractive and powerful by providing the contemporary facili­ties which is mostly essential what they feel. We trust in changing and we appreciate the precious support from PKSF which has been contributing in many ways to enrich the life of people of Bangladesh. Especially, I am delight­ed to do something for the disabled people. If merciful almighty grant me, I like to do some­thing more hopefully for their more betterment and to have their fundamental rights. We believe that if the people can be awarded deeply about disabilities it can be protested and reduced vastly. In fine I am great full to the E.0 committee who have given me the opportunity for the human beings and I would like to thanks my dear all colleague, beneficiaries and known, unknown well-wishers.