Disabled Rehabilitation Programme (DRP)


BKF has been working in the field of disability since 1999, to establish the rights people with disabilities (PWDs) in the society.

BKF is also  trying to integrate disability issues as a cross cutting issue in the development. As BKF believe that ‘disability is not in-ability, but  differently ability.


To ensure participation of people with disability in the mainstream development activities/programs of the country.


  • To support & assist the peoples with disabilities in the process of development of the quality of their lives.
  • To create positive attitude towards the persons with disabilities among the community members.
  • To establish the rights of PWD’s in the family & society.
  • To ensure easy accessibility for the PWD’s.
  • To ensure the social security for the PWD’s.
  • To ensure economic self-sufficiency for the PWD’s.
  • Network to share resources.

Mainstreaming Education for children with Disabilities

Bandhu Kallyan Foundation (BKF) has been trying with their best for including the disabled into the mainstreaming Education from the age of 0-6 & 6-12. In the past those disabled need not to receive the therapy service only providing the device & have included them into the education these systematic way is sewing on but those types of disabled have not yet been included as here –


  • There are rare modern & best educational policy in favour of various disabled.
  • There is barrier of every types of disabled in the mainstreaming education.
  • According to the Syllabus the educational device are not available like books, barrel, haring aid, seating arrangement etc.
  • Some of the disabled are under the therapy service because they are not fit for the schoolization.
  • Want of trained up teachers.
  • Want of man power, regularly we can not provide therapy service those are staying out of the office range.
  • For the sense of Poverty, parents are to work to survive themselves so they cannot send their child in the school.
  • The parents are less eager to send their child in the school.
  • The parents feel disinterested to send their children because most of the school is not favorable to disabled.
  • Have to ensure the free Accessibility
  • Through the disabled are to stay in various places for the sensible reason so they cannot be yet counted as schoolized.


  • The govt. has to determined to included the every school under the govt. educational policy & have to ensure the friendly environment of the disabled
  • Beside therapy have to arrange the special educational system
  • Need lot of trained up teacher & have to widen activities area.
  • Have to supply the all types of educational devices.
  • Need more financial support to include the parents under the IGA?
  • Have to aware to the society about the skillness of the disabled.
  • Have to appoint the trained up teacher of every schools.
  • Have to ensure the free accessibility of the school & society.
  • Have to appoint the skilled teachers.
  • Have to ensure the Continuous Supervision.

Major Component/Activities

1. Physiotherapy & referral activities

2. Community group based Awareness rising

3. Identify the Disability

4. Primary Rehabilitation and Service

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Donor: Own Fund

Duration:  1999 – On going

Contact person: Md. Jahangir Hossain     

Phone : 0242144286, E-mail: jahangirdrp@bkfbd.org

Physiotherapy Center

BKF Physiotherapy Center, Rajghat, Abhaynagar, Jessore.

Other Information

No. of Employees: 6 (male: 4, female: 2)

No. of Client: 528