• To ensure positive change in the society in various forms and manners including education & economic Conditions.
  • To improve the health and hygienic condition using safe water & sanitation.
  • To protect the environment & to preserve ecological balance.
  • To ensure participation of persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the mainstream development activities of the country.
  • To Develop a self- sustaining the organization in the themes of financial and effective service delivery mechanism.
  • To improve  & to Contribute in the Educational Program.
  • To ensure Women’s Development to think herself as a decision maker at different podiums to increase their participation about income generating activities as well as creating leadership.
  • To generate income and is to ensure self and wage employment through enterprise development in the urban and semi urban.
  • Providing the Financial and technical services to small and growing existing small business.


  • The aim of the Foundation is to ensure the positive change of the society in various forms and manners including Educational and Financial.
  • To improve the socio-economic condition of the under developed poor and destitute people in the society.


  • As a helpful Foundation is to introduce the native Country as well as World wide.
  • To introduce itself as a enlightened network and with all kinds of organization in the civil society
  • A general participation is as the contemporary and towards its dated programs.
  • Category wise, the sure development of the human resources.